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Phibro Aqua

Phibro Aqua has developed a strong team of aquaculture health specialists and scientists with a focus on providing the global industry with cost effective health management solutions in order to maximize the productivity of our customer's farms.

The Phibro Aqua team delivers a full range of expertise to our customers in farm productivity and operation, aquatic animal health management, nutrition, disease diagnosis and vaccination. We operate comprehensive R&D facilities, including a large-scale wet lab for clinical evaluation of medication, feed additives and vaccines. Our laboratory facility provides a full diagnostic service addressing parasitology, bacteriology, histopathology and molecular biology.

New PAQ-Gro Product Video

PAQ-Gro™ is composed of a blend of natural ingredients to improve aquatic animals' ability to tolerate stress. This nutritional feed additive is specifically formulated for enhancing immunological response, growth performance through improved nutrient availability and leads to better survival rates.

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PAQ's Products are Formulated
Specifically for Aquaculture

Medicated Feed Additives (MFA)

Medicated feed additives are authorized veterinary medicines that are fed to animals as an effective means of treating a variety of clinical conditions and improving health and productivity of aquatic animals.

TM200 bag Image.png





Stafac 500®

MFA's in development: PAQ-Flor

Nutritional Feed Additives (NFA)

Nutritional Feed Additives are fed to animals as part of their regular diet in order to enhance nutrient digestion and immunity for improved health and growth.




PAQ-Xtract 50lb bag.png




AB20_bag_new logo.png


NFA's in development: Microlife Advance in-feed probiotic, PAQ-Min, Nucleotide formula for shrimp


Vaccines are known to be the most effective measure in disease control.

They are developed for immunization of animals as part of veterinary protocols for preventing disease and mortality in aquaculture.z

Autogenous vaccine bottle.png




Vaccines in development: PAQ-Vac Strep. Iniae immersion & injection, PAQ-Vac Strep. Agalactiae injection, PAQ-Vac Francissella immersion & Injection, Atypical Aeromonas Salmonicida immersion & injection.

Hatchery Products

Hatchery products contribute to creating an optimal environment for aquaculture growth in the early vulnerable stage of production and positively affects the health and productivity of the farm.

PAQ-Nanno pack.png


Hatchery products in development: Microalgae for shrimp

Water Conditioners

Water conditioners play a crucial role in preserving water quality and maintaining aquatic animal health while reducing farm production costs and environmental impact.

Yucca Max transparent BG.png

Yucca Max

Bioplus transparent BG.png


Water conditioners in development: Microlife Biosan bio-remediation formula

Online Technical Support

COVID travel restrictions together with the lack of experts and diagnostic facilities available to support the global aquaculture industry has led us to expand our services and develop the 'Phibro Aqua Technical Help Line' –

  • A free of charge online platform, available 24/7

  • Supporting farmers and key opinion leaders world-wide

  • Consulting with a multi-disciplinary team of aquatic-animal health management and nutrition professionals

  • Simple and quick communication using email or WhatsApp

  • Solving a variety of challenges related to disease control, farm management, water quality maintenance, feed formulations and feeding practices

  • Maintaining strict client-confidentiality​


Phibro Aqua on SharePoint

Find more Phibro Aqua resources and news on our new SharePoint site

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