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The 'pHi-Tech Poultry Vaccination Management' System ensures proper vaccine administration is achieved, from the first bird to the last, through audio-visual alerting for misapplication.

A user-friendly mobile app provides vaccination team leaders with real-time oversight of their crew's performance and simple seamless programming of multiple devices from their smartphone.

Data collected throughout the vaccination event is stored securely to the cloud, enabling managers and veterinarians to access it from anywhere.

The web application is a powerful BI tool for analyzing the data and facilitation data-driven decision making for process improvement, in a password-secure environment.

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Client Referral Program

Is your name already up on pHi-Tech's Wall of Fame?

We are happy to invite you to take part in the pHi-Tech referral program!

All Phibro employees can refer clients from their network, so if you have a friend/colleague that might be interested, refer them to us for a live demo.

Through making a connection, not only will you be contributing to pHi-Tech’s continued growth, but you will also receive a $150 gift card 🎁 for every connection you make that turns into a paying pHi-Tech customer - and they enjoy a 15% discount 💸 -

everybody wins :)

One last thing – This is an internal program for Phibro employees so please don’t share this announcement outside of Phibro.

This campaign is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Simply follow the instructions below to get your personal referral link to be shared with your non-Phibro contacts.

Here's how it works:

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Refer English-speaking clients:

Refiera a clientes de habla hispana a través:

Indique clientes que falam português:

The serological advantage of vaccinating poultry
with an automatic vaccination management system
in comparison to a manual syringe

pHi-Tech is the efficient solution for ensuring proper vaccine administration, monitoring the process and analyzing vaccination data. 

Moreover, in a conducted field trial, we saw that by using pHi-Tech for injecting commercial birds, we managed to improve the seroconversion of birds, providing both an increase in antibody titers and a decrease in the coefficient of variation, in comparison to injecting with a manual syringe.

With pHi-Tech -

Every Shot Counts™️!

Remote Sales Process

The past year's restriction on travel and face-to-face interactions with clients drove us at pHi-Tech to develop a new approach for selling our device to clients around the world. This approach has been proven successful and is still implemented by our team today.

The Remote Sales Process (RSP) enables clients to schedule virtual demo meetings with one of our pHi-Tech specialists, at their preferred time and from the convenience of their current location. Our pHi-Tech specialists demonstrate the system's features and benefits through a live video call and provide the client with the relevant information for their operation.

Once a client decides to lease our system, the entire quotation and shipment process is managed and tracked digitally on our CRM platform, providing seamless process management and complete transparency to our entire team.

The customer receives full access to our online training database for self-service courses on operating the system in the field. After completing the online courses, they will also have a training recap session with our specialists before starting to inject the flock in the field. Should any issues or questions arise during the injection event, client can receive real-time remote support from our specialists.

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Client schedules a virtual demo call 


pHi-Tech specialists provide a live demonstration


Client places order and systems are shipped to his location


Client receives the systems and undergoes online training


Client virtually meets with pHi-Tech specialist for recap training session


Client starts injecting in the field with remote support from specialists as needed


Trusted by poultry farms and integrations world-wide

Our breakthrough technology is already implemented by leading poultry farms and integrations world-wide, who decided to step into the new era in poultry farming and take control of their flock's immunity and health with pHi-Tech!

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